December 2020

Bette Winner Library14
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches54
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library528
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library37
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne65
Bibliothèque Ritchot704
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library294
Bibliothèque Somerset Library165
Bibliothèque St. Claude115
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library514
Bibliothèque Taché Library1047
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives507
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn46
Border Regional Library - McAuley33
Border Regional Library - Virden509
Boyne Regional Library1750
Bren Del Win Centennial Library252
Brokenhead River Regional Library936
Churchill Public Library110
Emerson Public Library230
Evergreen Regional - Arborg458
Evergreen Regional - Main758
Evergreen Regional - Riverton116
Flin Flon Public Library673
Gaynor Family Regional Library3441
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library495
Headingley Municipal Library888
Instant Digital Card Users777
Jake Epp Library4759
Jolys Regional Library851
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library588
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1333
Louise Public Library293
Minnedosa Regional Library642
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library672
North-West Regional Library - Benito257
North-West Regional Library - Swan River668
Parkland Regional Library4546
Pauline Johnson Library193
Pinawa Public Library775
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2600
Prairie Crocus Regional Library226
R.M. of Argyle Public Library62
Rapid City Regional Library122
Reston District Library393
Russell & District Regional Library383
Snow Lake Community Library106
South Central Regional Library7179
South Interlake Regional Library2372
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita227
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson73
Springfield Public Library1344
The Pas Regional Library814
Thompson Public Library570
UCN Norway House Public Library36
Valley Regional Library729
Victoria Municipal Library368
Western Manitoba Regional Library6773

November 2020

Bette Winner Library22
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches51
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library494
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library54
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne64
Bibliothèque Ritchot655
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library291
Bibliothèque Somerset Library165
Bibliothèque St. Claude116
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library505
Bibliothèque Taché Library1007
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives516
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn50
Border Regional Library - McAuley36
Border Regional Library - Virden569
Boyne Regional Library1743
Bren Del Win Centennial Library336
Brokenhead River Regional Library735
Churchill Public Library118
Emerson Public Library217
Evergreen Regional - Arborg423
Evergreen Regional - Main666
Evergreen Regional - Riverton122
Flin Flon Public Library698
Gaynor Family Regional Library3370
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library510
Headingley Municipal Library812
Instant Digital Card Users584
Jake Epp Library4380
Jolys Regional Library718
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library548
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1228
Louise Public Library297
Minnedosa Regional Library685
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library702
North-West Regional Library - Benito153
North-West Regional Library - Swan River627
Parkland Regional Library4247
Pauline Johnson Library169
Pinawa Public Library685
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2475
Prairie Crocus Regional Library249
R.M. of Argyle Public Library79
Rapid City Regional Library107
Reston District Library375
Russell & District Regional Library321
Snow Lake Community Library182
South Central Regional Library6722
South Interlake Regional Library2669
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita215
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson75
Springfield Public Library1270
The Pas Regional Library790
Thompson Public Library573
UCN Norway House Public Library37
Valley Regional Library652
Victoria Municipal Library328
Western Manitoba Regional Library5879

October 2020

Bette Winner Library40
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches56
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library480
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library53
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne89
Bibliothèque Ritchot632
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library290
Bibliothèque Somerset Library177
Bibliothèque St. Claude127
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library417
Bibliothèque Taché Library930
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives525
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn45
Border Regional Library - McAuley34
Border Regional Library - Virden608
Boyne Regional Library1596
Bren Del Win Centennial Library318
Brokenhead River Regional Library700
Churchill Public Library144
Emerson Public Library224
Evergreen Regional - Arborg355
Evergreen Regional - Main701
Evergreen Regional - Riverton131
Flin Flon Public Library749
Gaynor Family Regional Library3188
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library432
Headingley Municipal Library920
Instant Digital Card Users519
Jake Epp Library3753
Jolys Regional Library592
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library585
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1292
Louise Public Library304
Minnedosa Regional Library691
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library590
North-West Regional Library - Benito93
North-West Regional Library - Swan River562
Parkland Regional Library4385
Pauline Johnson Library216
Pinawa Public Library748
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2479
Prairie Crocus Regional Library249
R.M. of Argyle Public Library60
Rapid City Regional Library107
Reston District Library314
Russell & District Regional Library324
Snow Lake Community Library132
South Central Regional Library6247
South Interlake Regional Library2380
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita215
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson140
Springfield Public Library1355
The Pas Regional Library749
Thompson Public Library591
UCN Norway House Public Library29
Valley Regional Library591
Victoria Municipal Library360
Western Manitoba Regional Library5794

September 2020

Bette Winner Library16
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches51
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library460
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library47
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne59
Bibliothèque Ritchot717
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library285
Bibliothèque Somerset Library117
Bibliothèque St. Claude137
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library381
Bibliothèque Taché Library991
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives540
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn44
Border Regional Library - McAuley42
Border Regional Library - Virden501
Boyne Regional Library1524
Bren Del Win Centennial Library362
Brokenhead River Regional Library663
Churchill Public Library127
Emerson Public Library222
Evergreen Regional - Arborg370
Evergreen Regional - Main600
Evergreen Regional - Riverton93
Flin Flon Public Library690
Gaynor Family Regional Library2847
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library413
Headingley Municipal Library880
Instant Digital Card Users595
Jake Epp Library3603
Jolys Regional Library493
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library592
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1155
Louise Public Library317
Minnedosa Regional Library722
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library546
North-West Regional Library - Benito175
North-West Regional Library - Swan River472
Parkland Regional Library4389
Pauline Johnson Library178
Pinawa Public Library742
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2226
Prairie Crocus Regional Library215
R.M. of Argyle Public Library77
Rapid City Regional Library116
Reston District Library259
Russell & District Regional Library349
Snow Lake Community Library150
South Central Regional Library6061
South Interlake Regional Library2287
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita208
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson187
Springfield Public Library1331
The Pas Regional Library763
Thompson Public Library514
UCN Norway House Public Library21
Valley Regional Library528
Victoria Municipal Library341
Western Manitoba Regional Library5953

August 2020

Bette Winner Library47
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches56
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library464
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library40
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne84
Bibliothèque Ritchot709
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library289
Bibliothèque Somerset Library139
Bibliothèque St. Claude104
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library485
Bibliothèque Taché Library921
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives609
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn53
Border Regional Library - McAuley26
Border Regional Library - Virden489
Boyne Regional Library1725
Bren Del Win Centennial Library344
Brokenhead River Regional Library672
Churchill Public Library95
Emerson Public Library261
Evergreen Regional - Arborg314
Evergreen Regional - Main697
Evergreen Regional - Riverton69
Flin Flon Public Library653
Gaynor Family Regional Library3285
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library429
Headingley Municipal Library974
Instant Digital Card Users723
Jake Epp Library3836
Jolys Regional Library602
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library620
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1221
Louise Public Library407
Minnedosa Regional Library805
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library436
North-West Regional Library - Benito166
North-West Regional Library - Swan River678
Parkland Regional Library4483
Pauline Johnson Library255
Pinawa Public Library746
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2457
Prairie Crocus Regional Library227
R.M. of Argyle Public Library89
Rapid City Regional Library118
Reston District Library289
Russell & District Regional Library383
Snow Lake Community Library114
South Central Regional Library6392
South Interlake Regional Library2338
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita220
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson133
Springfield Public Library1389
The Pas Regional Library803
Thompson Public Library742
UCN Norway House Public Library21
Valley Regional Library623
Victoria Municipal Library317
Western Manitoba Regional Library6270

July 2020

Bette Winner Library37
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches53
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library396
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library38
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne91
Bibliothèque Ritchot713
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library358
Bibliothèque Somerset Library172
Bibliothèque St. Claude96
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library470
Bibliothèque Taché Library930
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives622
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn42
Border Regional Library - McAuley36
Border Regional Library - Virden530
Boyne Regional Library1597
Bren Del Win Centennial Library339
Brokenhead River Regional Library660
Churchill Public Library115
Emerson Public Library209
Evergreen Regional - Arborg342
Evergreen Regional - Main707
Evergreen Regional - Riverton77
Flin Flon Public Library564
Gaynor Family Regional Library3269
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library445
Headingley Municipal Library960
Instant Digital Card Users760
Jake Epp Library3794
Jolys Regional Library667
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library497
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1152
Louise Public Library316
Minnedosa Regional Library660
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library425
North-West Regional Library - Benito136
North-West Regional Library - Swan River571
Parkland Regional Library4506
Pauline Johnson Library177
Pinawa Public Library669
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2498
Prairie Crocus Regional Library232
R.M. of Argyle Public Library63
Rapid City Regional Library120
Reston District Library282
Russell & District Regional Library345
Snow Lake Community Library105
South Central Regional Library6826
South Interlake Regional Library2466
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita245
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson167
Springfield Public Library1391
The Pas Regional Library861
Thompson Public Library729
UCN Norway House Public Library29
Valley Regional Library543
Victoria Municipal Library369
Western Manitoba Regional Library6041

June 2020

Bette Winner Library48
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches72
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library399
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library38
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne75
Bibliothèque Ritchot644
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library286
Bibliothèque Somerset Library171
Bibliothèque St. Claude61
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library466
Bibliothèque Taché Library959
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives554
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn50
Border Regional Library - McAuley27
Border Regional Library - Virden515
Boyne Regional Library1751
Bren Del Win Centennial Library345
Brokenhead River Regional Library661
Churchill Public Library118
Emerson Public Library205
Evergreen Regional - Arborg407
Evergreen Regional - Main657
Evergreen Regional - Riverton70
Flin Flon Public Library673
Gaynor Family Regional Library3289
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library452
Headingley Municipal Library877
Instant Digital Card Users623
Jake Epp Library3906
Jolys Regional Library614
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library507
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1052
Louise Public Library377
Minnedosa Regional Library687
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library496
North-West Regional Library - Benito129
North-West Regional Library - Swan River548
Parkland Regional Library4510
Pauline Johnson Library179
Pinawa Public Library645
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2556
Prairie Crocus Regional Library252
R.M. of Argyle Public Library75
Rapid City Regional Library86
Reston District Library306
Russell & District Regional Library359
Snow Lake Community Library99
South Central Regional Library7115
South Interlake Regional Library1987
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita288
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson123
Springfield Public Library1196
The Pas Regional Library756
Thompson Public Library704
UCN Norway House Public Library17
Valley Regional Library598
Victoria Municipal Library307
Western Manitoba Regional Library5938

May 2020

Bette Winner Library19
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches60
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library343
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library43
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne90
Bibliothèque Ritchot711
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library312
Bibliothèque Somerset Library168
Bibliothèque St. Claude101
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library540
Bibliothèque Taché Library977
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives614
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn46
Border Regional Library - McAuley25
Border Regional Library - Virden631
Boyne Regional Library1692
Bren Del Win Centennial Library330
Brokenhead River Regional Library652
Churchill Public Library157
Emerson Public Library246
Evergreen Regional - Arborg436
Evergreen Regional - Main699
Evergreen Regional - Riverton100
Flin Flon Public Library727
Gaynor Family Regional Library3554
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library538
Headingley Municipal Library1018
Instant Digital Card Users626
Jake Epp Library4390
Jolys Regional Library738
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library520
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1125
Louise Public Library417
Minnedosa Regional Library788
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library516
North-West Regional Library - Benito154
North-West Regional Library - Swan River642
Parkland Regional Library4998
Pauline Johnson Library176
Pinawa Public Library635
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2882
Prairie Crocus Regional Library255
R.M. of Argyle Public Library129
Rapid City Regional Library119
Reston District Library293
Russell & District Regional Library402
Snow Lake Community Library122
South Central Regional Library7802
South Interlake Regional Library2293
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita317
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson129
Springfield Public Library1245
The Pas Regional Library747
Thompson Public Library759
UCN Norway House Public Library20
Valley Regional Library614
Victoria Municipal Library333
Western Manitoba Regional Library6390

April 2020

Bette Winner Library20
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches107
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library329
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library50
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne98
Bibliothèque Ritchot680
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library302
Bibliothèque Somerset Library143
Bibliothèque St. Claude88
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library518
Bibliothèque Taché Library908
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives536
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn54
Border Regional Library - McAuley34
Border Regional Library - Virden674
Boyne Regional Library1786
Bren Del Win Centennial Library347
Brokenhead River Regional Library644
Churchill Public Library112
Emerson Public Library266
Evergreen Regional - Arborg366
Evergreen Regional - Main695
Evergreen Regional - Riverton119
Flin Flon Public Library757
Gaynor Family Regional Library3575
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library453
Headingley Municipal Library1032
Instant Digital Card Users207
Jake Epp Library4780
Jolys Regional Library781
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library590
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1085
Louise Public Library326
Minnedosa Regional Library792
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library539
North-West Regional Library - Benito159
North-West Regional Library - Swan River733
Parkland Regional Library5073
Pauline Johnson Library143
Pinawa Public Library715
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2818
Prairie Crocus Regional Library290
R.M. of Argyle Public Library122
Rapid City Regional Library122
Reston District Library368
Russell & District Regional Library400
Snow Lake Community Library167
South Central Regional Library7777
South Interlake Regional Library2349
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita261
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson140
Springfield Public Library1240
The Pas Regional Library764
Thompson Public Library749
UCN Norway House Public Library14
Valley Regional Library588
Victoria Municipal Library386
Western Manitoba Regional Library6882

March 2020

Bette Winner Library18
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches106
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library325
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library51
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne117
Bibliothèque Ritchot668
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library267
Bibliothèque Somerset Library138
Bibliothèque St. Claude88
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library445
Bibliothèque Taché Library841
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives500
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn27
Border Regional Library - McAuley27
Border Regional Library - Virden474
Boyne Regional Library1552
Bren Del Win Centennial Library336
Brokenhead River Regional Library678
Churchill Public Library159
Emerson Public Library233
Evergreen Regional - Arborg450
Evergreen Regional - Main699
Evergreen Regional - Riverton94
Flin Flon Public Library731
Gaynor Family Regional Library3395
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library393
Headingley Municipal Library751
Jake Epp Library3699
Jolys Regional Library748
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library509
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1099
Louise Public Library361
Minnedosa Regional Library657
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library471
North-West Regional Library - Benito206
North-West Regional Library - Swan River609
Parkland Regional Library4448
Pauline Johnson Library123
Pinawa Public Library596
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2392
Prairie Crocus Regional Library257
R.M. of Argyle Public Library97
Rapid City Regional Library91
Reston District Library304
Russell & District Regional Library402
Snow Lake Community Library142
South Central Regional Library6264
South Interlake Regional Library1985
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita257
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson116
Springfield Public Library1139
The Pas Regional Library703
Thompson Public Library681
UCN Norway House Public Library17
Valley Regional Library616
Victoria Municipal Library353
Western Manitoba Regional Library5891

February 2020

Bette Winner Library24
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches120
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library359
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library41
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne99
Bibliothèque Ritchot618
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library215
Bibliothèque Somerset Library151
Bibliothèque St. Claude71
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library314
Bibliothèque Taché Library775
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives586
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn22
Border Regional Library - McAuley38
Border Regional Library - Virden418
Boyne Regional Library1326
Bren Del Win Centennial Library294
Brokenhead River Regional Library574
Churchill Public Library136
Emerson Public Library244
Evergreen Regional - Arborg397
Evergreen Regional - Main710
Evergreen Regional - Riverton109
Flin Flon Public Library658
Gaynor Family Regional Library3148
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library421
Headingley Municipal Library848
Jake Epp Library3131
Jolys Regional Library527
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library466
Lakeland Regional - Killarney918
Louise Public Library266
Minnedosa Regional Library558
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library373
North-West Regional Library - Benito122
North-West Regional Library - Swan River529
Parkland Regional Library3877
Pauline Johnson Library95
Pinawa Public Library659
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2155
Prairie Crocus Regional Library200
R.M. of Argyle Public Library80
Rapid City Regional Library91
Reston District Library222
Russell & District Regional Library293
Snow Lake Community Library98
South Central Regional Library5678
South Interlake Regional Library1818
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita257
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson71
Springfield Public Library1215
The Pas Regional Library648
Thompson Public Library538
UCN Norway House Public Library24
Valley Regional Library601
Victoria Municipal Library352
Western Manitoba Regional Library5451

January 2020

Bette Winner Library29
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches107
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library485
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library46
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne99
Bibliothèque Ritchot563
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library258
Bibliothèque Somerset Library187
Bibliothèque St. Claude73
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library324
Bibliothèque Taché Library845
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives599
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn40
Border Regional Library - McAuley28
Border Regional Library - Virden551
Boyne Regional Library1444
Bren Del Win Centennial Library262
Brokenhead River Regional Library588
Churchill Public Library88
Emerson Public Library263
Evergreen Regional - Arborg443
Evergreen Regional - Main650
Evergreen Regional - Riverton125
Flin Flon Public Library748
Gaynor Family Regional Library3406
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library589
Headingley Municipal Library785
Jake Epp Library3330
Jolys Regional Library628
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library642
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1023
Louise Public Library295
Minnedosa Regional Library665
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library422
North-West Regional Library - Benito128
North-West Regional Library - Swan River569
Parkland Regional Library3872
Pauline Johnson Library162
Pinawa Public Library598
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2347
Prairie Crocus Regional Library210
R.M. of Argyle Public Library142
Rapid City Regional Library112
Reston District Library326
Russell & District Regional Library268
Snow Lake Community Library102
South Central Regional Library6141
South Interlake Regional Library1894
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita362
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson77
Springfield Public Library1314
The Pas Regional Library683
Thompson Public Library606
UCN Norway House Public Library32
Valley Regional Library624
Victoria Municipal Library321
Western Manitoba Regional Library5895