March 2021

Bette Winner Library10
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches72
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library485
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library52
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne76
Bibliothèque Ritchot604
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library428
Bibliothèque Somerset Library119
Bibliothèque St. Claude96
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library456
Bibliothèque Taché Library1030
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives637
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn65
Border Regional Library - McAuley29
Border Regional Library - Virden591
Boyne Regional Library1678
Bren Del Win Centennial Library299
Brokenhead River Regional Library821
Churchill Public Library126
Emerson Public Library227
Evergreen Regional - Arborg424
Evergreen Regional - Main920
Evergreen Regional - Riverton89
Flin Flon Public Library641
Gaynor Family Regional Library3477
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library399
Headingley Municipal Library925
Instant Digital Card Users988
Jake Epp Library4176
Jolys Regional Library830
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library520
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1184
Louise Public Library342
Minnedosa Regional Library661
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library693
North-West Regional Library - Benito108
North-West Regional Library - Swan River626
Parkland Regional Library4568
Pauline Johnson Library243
Pinawa Public Library819
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2551
Prairie Crocus Regional Library214
R.M. of Argyle Public Library75
Rapid City Regional Library98
Reston District Library436
Russell & District Regional Library404
Snow Lake Community Library97
South Central Regional Library6769
South Interlake Regional Library2307
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita200
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson102
Springfield Public Library1302
The Pas Regional Library759
Thompson Public Library629
UCN Norway House Public Library35
Valley Regional Library744
Victoria Municipal Library302
Western Manitoba Regional Library6566

February 2021

Bette Winner Library21
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches58
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library424
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library46
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne61
Bibliothèque Ritchot609
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library398
Bibliothèque Somerset Library127
Bibliothèque St. Claude87
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library491
Bibliothèque Taché Library1000
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives621
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn38
Border Regional Library - McAuley28
Border Regional Library - Virden516
Boyne Regional Library1692
Bren Del Win Centennial Library290
Brokenhead River Regional Library760
Churchill Public Library156
Emerson Public Library180
Evergreen Regional - Arborg359
Evergreen Regional - Main814
Evergreen Regional - Riverton111
Flin Flon Public Library567
Gaynor Family Regional Library3146
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library387
Headingley Municipal Library948
Instant Digital Card Users876
Jake Epp Library4304
Jolys Regional Library746
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library582
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1163
Louise Public Library323
Minnedosa Regional Library631
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library645
North-West Regional Library - Benito98
North-West Regional Library - Swan River604
Parkland Regional Library4638
Pauline Johnson Library188
Pinawa Public Library700
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2267
Prairie Crocus Regional Library164
R.M. of Argyle Public Library73
Rapid City Regional Library87
Reston District Library380
Russell & District Regional Library397
Snow Lake Community Library100
South Central Regional Library6546
South Interlake Regional Library2428
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita175
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson103
Springfield Public Library1404
The Pas Regional Library703
Thompson Public Library647
UCN Norway House Public Library27
Valley Regional Library723
Victoria Municipal Library314
Western Manitoba Regional Library6363

January 2021

Bette Winner Library17
Bibliothèque Allard - Beaches62
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library553
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library48
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne75
Bibliothèque Ritchot727
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library381
Bibliothèque Somerset Library178
Bibliothèque St. Claude108
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library541
Bibliothèque Taché Library1164
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives678
Border Regional Library - Elkhorn53
Border Regional Library - McAuley34
Border Regional Library - Virden630
Boyne Regional Library1819
Bren Del Win Centennial Library319
Brokenhead River Regional Library831
Churchill Public Library172
Emerson Public Library228
Evergreen Regional - Arborg407
Evergreen Regional - Main825
Evergreen Regional - Riverton100
Flin Flon Public Library515
Gaynor Family Regional Library3592
Glenwood and Souris Regional Library459
Headingley Municipal Library931
Instant Digital Card Users1014
Jake Epp Library4804
Jolys Regional Library891
Lac du Bonnet Regional Library698
Lakeland Regional - Killarney1319
Louise Public Library401
Minnedosa Regional Library741
North Norfolk MacGregor Regional Library794
North-West Regional Library - Benito158
North-West Regional Library - Swan River622
Parkland Regional Library4997
Pauline Johnson Library215
Pinawa Public Library801
Portage la Prairie Regional Library2741
Prairie Crocus Regional Library235
R.M. of Argyle Public Library80
Rapid City Regional Library109
Reston District Library409
Russell & District Regional Library362
Snow Lake Community Library173
South Central Regional Library7374
South Interlake Regional Library2575
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Melita243
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library - Pierson108
Springfield Public Library1480
The Pas Regional Library749
Thompson Public Library636
UCN Norway House Public Library31
Valley Regional Library865
Victoria Municipal Library342
Western Manitoba Regional Library7344