Location  (57) Total weekly hrs worked - All staff Total FTE (35hr/wk) Number of full-time staff Number of part-time staff Weekly hrs worked - Prof. Librarian Weekly hrs worked - Certified Lib.Tech. Weekly hrs worked - Other % Personnel of Total Expenditure Personnel Expenditure per FTE
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Border Regional Library181.$23,157.66
Springfield Public Library70.$19,928.00
Western Manitoba Regional Library706.$27,960.09
Bibliothèque Taché Library36.$24,675.97
Bibliothèque Ritchot Library24.$26,282.86
Emerson Public Library9.$26,724.44
Peguis First Nation Public Library (Obsolete)$63,525.00
Louise Public Library12.$29,624.58
Bette Winner Public Library52.$20,451.44
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library82.$22,921.16
Bibliothèque Montcalm Library39.$7,097.82
Bibliothèque Pere Champagne Library (Obsolete)$19,958.08
Bibliothèque St. Claude Library40.$9,937.38
Bibliothèque Saint-Joachim Library40.$28,266.88
Bibliothèque Somerset Library (Obsolete)$16,743.13
Bibliothèque Ste Anne Library35.$30,068.00
Boissevain-Morton Library and Archives104.$23,204.83
Boyne Regional Library119.$27,838.33
Bren Del Win Centennial Library45.$30,429.00
Brokenhead River Regional Library99.$28,184.55
Churchill Public Library110.$6,567.27
Eriksdale Public Library (Obsolete)$22,253.78
Evergreen Regional Library155.$29,019.97
Flin Flon Public Library154.$23,509.32
Glenwood & Souris Regional Library36.$22,956.11
Headingley Municipal Library36.$23,929.45
Jake Epp Library314.$22,339.13
Jolys Regional Library49.$43,440.00
Lac Du Bonnet Regional Library86.$30,331.57
Lakeland Regional Library120.$29,394.17
Leaf Rapids Public Library20.$29,027.25
Lynn Lake Centennial Library15.$19,215.00
Manitou Regional Library (Obsolete)$14,446.52
Minnedosa Regional Library70.$35,438.50
North Norfolk-MacGregor Regional Library31.$25,624.44
North-West Regional Library180.$24,578.56
Parkland Regional Library616.$22,698.41
Pauline Johnson Library34.$21,306.76
Pinawa Public Library26.$37,410.38
Portage la Prairie Regional Library384.$31,587.23
Prairie Crocus Regional Library40.$22,686.13
Rapid City Regional Library29.$22,927.41
R.M. of Argyle Public Library26.$4,972.69
Reston District Library78.$15,525.19
Rossburn Regional Library (Obsolete)$21,104.13
Russell & District Regional Library44.$33,326.36
Gaynor Family Regional Library360.$29,264.28
Snow Lake Community Library20.$26,678.75
South Central Regional Library440.812.$30,374.49
South Interlake Regional Library280.$29,904.00
Southwestern Manitoba Regional Library79.$22,996.33
Ste. Rose Regional Library (Obsolete)$21,936.50
The Pas Regional Library152.$33,868.42
Thompson Public Library297.$26,076.41
Valley Regional Library35.$21,454.00
Victoria Municipal Library20.$25,978.75
UCN Norway House Public Library74.$0.00
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